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It is not the same type of carpet and each type of cleaning occurs because the carpet is the most thing to deal with the worshipers, they sit and pray it, and they perform Banquet like Aqeeqah inside the mosque and because the mosques are constantly open to the worshipers and fill the carpet with dust is inevitable Here comes our role to deal with all that there are carpets met To remove it and take it to the sink and work clean it through the water pump machine and then dry it in the wake of this so as not to mix the soil with water and then the soil changes the masses of silt and dirt between the folds of carpet spoil the whole.
Therefore, the process of drying fast and skill is finite and does not stop the matter to that extent, there is the second type of carpet, which need to be cleaned on the inside of the mosque and the process of the process of following the evening prayer even before the prayer for the morning prayer so as not to disturb the worshipers and give them the ability to The performance of rituals and prayers in complete silence and tranquility.
Mosques are one of the most important places of worship, which require a high standard of cleanliness and attention.

The Institution for the Purification of Mosques in Hail is one of the institutions that is famous for its honesty and accuracy in the field of cleanliness, and is interested in detailing the details of the mosques and works on cleanliness and cleanliness at the highest level of cleanliness. The mosque is clean, beautiful and aromatic.
Do not hesitate to contact the institution immediately to clean mosques in Hail will receive a team of specialized institution and technicians involved in the cleaning of mosques, at prices not comparable.
Massive Massacre
The mosque cleaning team in the Saudi capital of Amal al-Sebaie Foundation seeks to cleanse all these furniture, remove the various hard spots and get rid of the dirt stuck by using the brooms. After this is done, do not worry, the foundation team uses the finest materials, and the powders that protect and keep the colors of the furnishings bright and beautiful.
The foundation team cleans all floors, eliminates dark spots, keeps ceramic joints clean without damaging them. The foundation team cleans all kinds of tiles from ceramic, marble, parquet, yellow, and stain stains, and repairs and repairs any fractured parts.

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