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Qatif cleaning houses

The insects that harm humans, especially the children, are bugs. They feed on the human body. They live inside the blankets of the house, such as mattresses and blankets. They are also found in holes in the open walls. The way to get rid of them is to find a company specialized in killing these insects or daily covering the cover in the sun for a long time. Then wash the furniture well with liquid soap and raw chlorine. It is also possible to use insecticides intended to kill these insects. Also put aromatherapy aromas such as basil sticks in the covers.
Ways to get rid of flies.
Flies from the annoying insects that abound in the summer, they come out of the sound of annoying and many at home, causing diseases for the household members, you have to get rid of the ways you have to put the plant with a beautiful smell such as mint or basil in places where flies and you also spray insect pesticides for flies Such as birosol or other, or bring to a cut lemon and put it in nails in the place where the law is found in this way flies leave place or use incense, its smell works to expel him completely from home.
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