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Information about Detection of water leaks

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Water leak detection

The need for the inspection of water networks is urgent, the problem of leaks of water, which is to eat in the materials of networks and building materials such as concrete and asphalt. Our company works to detect the leakage of water to solve the problem of leaks in the network of water and the gas network through nitrogen cylinders and devices, which depends on a flexible sensor that works on the pumping of nitrogen along the water pipes or drainage and detect if there is a defect causing the diversion of water in the non-natural course that was planned when the establishment of the network, apply leak detection steps Water detection on p A leak in the gas networks, which is one of the biggest problems caused by the surprise results, which works to reduce the fires inside the houses, the story of periodic detection of water networks and pipes, which is working to provide many of the problems that cause in the future.