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Important tips for home order

Important tips for home order

The housewife spends a long time every day cleaning the house, between cleaning the rooms, bathroom and kitchen, and the effort and hardship of the housewife every day to clean the house, so that the family to enjoy the beauty and cleanliness of the house, we will explain some tips that facilitate the Lord Home the daily cleaning process of the home and provide them with time and effort and part of the money spent in the purchase of detergents and household lotions
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It is best when the housewife cleaning the house, it has to focus from where to start, it is best to begin to remove dirt and dust from the top places down by the duster feathers and must be dry not to contaminate the walls and change color.
After removing the dirt, sprinkle the water solution with some of the Baking powder in all places in order to remove the dust and facilitate the vacuum cleaner vacuum suction.

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